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Bossy Boots Ranch was launched from a glimmer in our eye, a private joke in the family, a happenstance discussion. For years, a family joke was driving past fields and commenting on the happy cows or sad cows. Usually based on nothing more than our own assessment of the beauty of the day. ​

Our journey started in a Dallas suburb, took us to Arvada, Colorado to build a house (which turned into a hot mess that we abandoned!), then south of Castle Rock to about 5 acres in the most beautiful place we'd ever lived. At the time we didn't look at any houses that had dirt driveways because that was just too much for our city roots. But after a few years, we wanted more. We wanted to keep our chickens and we dreamed of a horse or two. We wanted a house and some land that could be our bridge to being empty nesters. So we found another beautiful place with some land and a barn. 

Before we even moved in, Shawn set out to surprise Susan with a miniature cow. But then he got educated that cows need friends and someone offered him a "breeding pair". But it was too expensive to pull the trigger without discussing. Susan's response was "Are you out of your mind? We don't know anything about cows!"

Fast forward. Here we are. Our same 4 dogs plus a new stock dog (and another, yikes!). A few more chickens. 2 horses. 13 mini cows with new calves on the way.

And our story's not done yet. 

There's nothing like sitting back and talking to your cows. 

- Russell Crowe - 

Our Mission

Our mission is ethically breeding and raising adorable, gentle, and friendly miniature cows that people love to take home to their own family farms and ranches.

mini highlands with ice
Our Mission
Our Viso
mini bulls getting treats

Our Vision

Sharing and growing love for gentle mini cows that bring joy to their families. 

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