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  • Susan Roberts

Beltie Bestie Girls!

Updated: Jun 16

Update: In April 2024, the beltie bestie girls went to a lovely couple starting their mini cow journey, right here in Colorado. March 2024


I know calves often bond, but these two girlies are literally attached at the hip. Born just a couple of weeks apart (Harley was born Jul 23 and Belle was born Aug 5), they are ALWAYS ALWAYS together. It's hard for me to even get pics or videos of them as individual calves!

Sometimes when they're out in the pasture, it's difficult for me to tell them apart. I have to look closely to see Harley's longer legs and Belle's a deeper body. And when I get a good look, their belts are different of course.

Together, they're curious, adventurous, energetic, and just cuties. They will both be available at weaning, and I'd love to make a deal for the two of them to go together. Contact me at, or follow along with us on FB or IG for more fun.

Here's a gallery of the two of them together.

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