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  • Susan Roberts

Releasing the gas

Things I learned about bovine bloat.

  1. No need to worry about if you'll recognize bloat. It's so obvious! (says the girl who's only dealt with it once...)

  2. Love your internet! This article was so helpful. As soon as I read the needle treatment "This treatment works faster and is much easier", hubs said let's do it! We didn't try the baking soda method, but really, this was fast and easy.

  3. And a quick google on YouTube has plenty of videos.

  4. The gas really is THAT stinky. Uugh.

  5. It's easier with a great team! I recognized the bloat, made the call that we needed to take action, and gathered supplies. Hubs reassembled the bud box and chute, loaded him up, and did the stick.

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