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  • Susan Roberts

Resources for Caring for Your Mini Cows

Updated: Jun 16

Everyone has their list of favorite resources. This is mine! Bookmark this page because I'll start adding to it regularly. If you have a favorite thing, drop me a note and I'll add it here!

General Resource Lists from other places

Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory -- a good collection of all kinds of resources

Mini Cattle Sizing and Growth Charts

Framescore and Growth Chart for mini cattle -- This is a commonly referenced source when trying to figure out how big will a mini cow get

Genetic Testing including colors

There's two primary places for genetic testing. The most common tests for mini cattle is for chondrodysplasia and color. There are other breed-specific tests and milk panel tests. Most tests are done by plucking tail hairs to keep the hair root bulb intact, and then sending in. Both labs have detailed instructions. Most of the tests are the same across the two labs, although Texas A&M now has a White Park test and a White Dexter test.

Color Coat Basics chart -- This is one of my go-to color coat charts, especially when I first started testing colors, because it has pictures and probabilities.


This is a tricky but important topic. I will curate a range of resources and research here to help you make decisions about whether and how to use this in your breeding program. Stay tuned ...


Brushes -- my minis love the curry-style brushes. I also have had good luck with this style -- very cheap and since it slips on your hand it gets you up close and you can get a great feel such as to do a visual health inspection.. For dematting and heavier brushing like for spring shedding, my favorite is the Sullivan Dually Hair Shedding Comb



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