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Say hello to Thor!

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Thor mini highpark scratching

Updated Oct 14 with new pics and stats.

Thor began his life in a thunder storm on June 30, 20222. Naming calves sometimes is difficult, but when you have teenaged kids they come up with creative names! Thor, god of thunder and lightening, is a great name. He even has a little lightening mark under his chin!

But that's where the similarities end.

Thor is definitely NOT always looking for a fight, more like a pocket puppy. He's curious, and knows what he wants. for example, when the hoomans are putting out that new bale of hay, does he back off and wait like all the old mamas out there? Heck no! He creeps around the back where no one is looking! And a tractor honk? It means come check out what's going on instead of run away.

That said, Thor does occasionally get feisty with his good buddy Ryder. Ryder has taught him about all things bull, including random tussles for no reason. But even this video is classic Thor -- he wants Ryder to stop messing with him because I'm standing there and might produce some treats. Lol

All in all, we love this guy. At 16 months and about 40", he's smaller framed and will likely end up in that 44" range. (Dam is our small white highland Peanut, and Sire is our small black/white chondro bull Boots.) He started out as a cute gangly thing and continues to develop a classic bull look with a muscular body, a nice straight back and a cute block head. Even if the 3 pics below, you can see the pic on the right is from the spring and the 2 pics on the left are from the fall. He's definitely developing into a great herd prospect for smaller non-chondro or larger chondro breeding programs.

If you're interested in more info about Thor, please reach out on this webpage, or on FB or IG and I'd be happy to share more with you. (in the bottom left pic, Sire Boots is on the left and Thor is on the right)

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