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  • Susan Roberts

Sundays are for Snoozing

Updated: May 9, 2023

It finally feels like spring! Maybe even like early summer. Around the ranch, everyone is enjoying an Easter Sunday Schnooze.

Everyone is enjoying the lazy afternoon, and a few minutes ago there was at least 3 death naps out there but I wasn't fast enough with my camera. Except Thor, the baby. I think he'd just as soon someone get up and play because he's wandering around poking at his buddies. And I'm not sure what's going on with that cow pile over there, but I don't think they're hating it.

mini cows taking a nap

Also, it may look brown in the pasture, but if you walked out there you'd see many many green shoots. It means even with the cold and snow, we are starting growing season! I feel more prepared than last year, having already started our fly control. This year I'm trying the Redmond 10 fine with garlic, so fingers crossed! It also reminds me we're past due in fencing our new pasture so we can get our rehabilitation plan started this year.

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