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Pricing Guidance

Lovey the mini highland cow and Clementine the highpark calf

Pricing of our calves is based on many factors including color and markings, disposition, projected height at maturity, chondro status, and sex of the calf. See the Mini Calves page for pricing on a specific calf.

All heights listed for calves are our best effort projection, but not guaranteed. They are based on our experience with our animals and their prior calves, mature height of dam and sire, size at birth, and chondro status. Miniature cows are often classified as micro (under 36"), miniature (under 42"), and mid-mini or standard mini (under 48"). Micro calves will generally be chondro positive, mini may or may not be chondro positive, and mid-mini will generally be chondro negative. (Here's is a pretty widely accepted growth chart and mini size categorization, and also an article explaining the chondrodysplasia gene.)

All calves come with age- and situation-appropriate nutrition and vaccinations. Please ask us if you'd like more information about our health care and vaccination protocols. On leaving our ranch, calves will have appropriate health papers and brand inspection per their destination requirements. If you would like additional health screening or tests, we can arrange them with our vet or a vet of your choice. 

Calves are dam raised (unless noted) and typically start weaning between 4 and 5 months of age, at which point they are already eating hay and nibbling grain. We socialize from birth so that calves are used to all the hoomans being in their space -- they've learned to trust, like to be brushed, and take treats from your hand. We increase socialization attention during weaning so that calves are ready for their new homes. Halter training is typically at least started during weaning. 

We typically require a 25% deposit and a signed sale contract, which takes precedence over anything on this page, with the balance due at pickup or shipping. 

If you have any questions or would like to just talk, we love to talk about our cows!

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