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Mini Cows in Colorado

Updated: Jun 16

Mini highland in the snow
Mini highland bull calf

As a small family breeder of mini cows, I don't have a lot of calves every year. So while this means you'll get a lot of attention, it also means that you may contact me and I don't have exactly what you're looking for.

While it may seem odd that I'm giving you a list of "competitors", I do believe 1) it is important that you find the right animal for you and your goals, and 2) that we are all better together!

So ... below is a list of mini cow breeders in Colorado that's I've been collecting, followed by a list of some of the formal cattle breeder directories / registries.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement or guarantee on any cattle breeders or directories/registries, let alone commentary on the quality of the animals. It is simply another resource for you as you look to find a mini cow in Colorado. Also, please verify info with the breeder directly because things change!


Colorado Mini Cow Breeders

If you are a breeder in Colorado and you're not on my list, contact me with your breeder info and I'll be happy to add you. (Maybe soon I'll add surrounding states because there's several great breeders in SD, NE, WY, MT, OK ...)

I linked to a website if I could find one, but a lot of these breeders will also have FB, IG, etc.















Breeder Directories and Cattle Registries

These are breeder directories tied to cattle registries. There are likely others!

Other Cattle

Highland Cattle

Belted Galloway Cattle

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